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Drive Bye

Interrogated author Amy Saunders. It was, in a word, fun.

Amy Saunders is a mystery lover with a soft spot for humor and romance–and the ocean. She lives in Massachusetts, amy_saundersphotoand loves to bake and watch movies. She’s the author of one mystery series and three standalone mysteries. Learn more about Amy and her books at her website.

I grilled Amy after she published, Drive-Bye (The Belinda & Bennett Mysteries, Book Three) and here’s what I uncovered. 

First real job: Freelance web design.

Best writing advice: One thing that has stuck with me is a line from Jack Heffron’s Writer’s Idea Book: Trust your imagination.

Before I published I wish someone had told me: To figure out your niche category first. I stumbled through that process and wish I could go back and redo my first attempts.

My morning routine: Boring stuff like making coffee and checking email (in that order). Then depending on what’s a priority at the time, writing or editing my current work-in-progress or a blog post, handling marketing projects like this interview, or making updates to my website.

Favorite workout: Leslie Sansone’s Walk Fit.

On my nightstand: A porcelain jar with a blue pig on the front filled with pens! And a clock.

Favorite way to decompress: Watching movies and baking.

Book I wish I’d written: This was a tough one. Digging deep, I’d have to say A Room With A View by E.M. Forster. It’s so quirky and weird and wonderful.

My favorite guilty pleasure: Cheesy action-adventure movies.

If I had more time, I’d: Learn to decorate cakes, and spend more time baking overall.

I can’t start writing till: I’ve had coffee and a little time for my brain to warm up. I’m not a morning person!

Next on my reading list: The Elite (book two of the Selection series) by Kiera Cass.

What’s next for my protag: Some potential business troubles, and a murder case involving a canvas painting that washes ashore.

TV show I never miss: The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Me, in a word: Fun.

Drive ByeAbout Drive-Bye (The Belinda & Bennett Mysteries, Book Three)

Belinda’s recent blunders have come back to bite her – and Bennett – in the monster cupcake. But they’re not the only ones with problems.

A car crash uncovers the body of an unlikely murder victim. But the more they learn about her, the more the answer to her death seems to lie in issues that reach far beyond Portside.

As the truth comes out, and Belinda’s personal life teeters on the breaking point, she takes life by the maraschino cherries, and finds help in very unexpected places.

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  1. Angie Young

    Sounds like a great book. And what a good interview!!

    June 27th, 2014 // Reply

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