List Of Arguments

You don’t have to have an equal number of arguments on both sides but you should have at least a few for each side so I live here in the City of Phoenix which is a very car oriented city here in Arizona and I said riding and Phoenix traffic is dangerous and because we have spectacular heat here in the desert Southwest during the summer it’s almost always above 100 degrees during the day I said it’s often too hot to rely on bicycles in Phoenix and a third argument I put down is it is too difficult to carry what you need groceries packages now I came up with the arguments on both sides of this question with just a short amount of brainstorming I did not spend a lot of time on it I suspect that if I spent a few more minutes thinking about this I could come up with more positives and more negatives. Check other articles on arguments onĀ Edusson.

And if you do just list them you might be thinking about well how can I write about all of these in one paragraph well we’re not going to we are going to get into that all right now that you have the arguments for both sides now I want you to pick a side I want you to review your arguments and choose your position on the issue by the way sometimes you don’t always have to pick the side you actually believe in you might want to pick the either side for which you can make the strongest arguments or for that matter a teacher might tell you not only give you a topic but they might tell you which side of the topic they want you to argue so think about which side has the strongest kind of arguments it may not be the one that you necessarily believe necessarily believe in but if the job is to persuade somebody of your position it may be the good way to go when you have picked your side draw a circle around the plus or the minus on your organizer to help you remember next thing we’re going to do is going to prioritize our arguments for the side you’ve picked.

I want you to choose your three strongest arguments and prioritize them you label your strongest argument number one what you feel is your second strongest argument number two and I should not say your weakest but your third strongest argument number three now what if you have five or six arguments on your side well we’re just going to pay attention in this case to the three strongest now suppose your teacher said to you I want you to produce a paragraph or a composition with four arguments to support your side well then come up with your strongest four but we are going to take three as a good example when you’re doing a persuasive essay three is it is it’s kind of in the sweet spot.