Summarizing the Ideas

Unfortunately due to various different people having these out although these are all available in Oriole as well because other people have them and you know they’re using them as well I’m going to have to go to boolean which you know isn’t that big of a deal because it’s literally a middle way so I’ll probably make the trip to the bottle in either tomorrow or Monday I’m now going to go to the library and use my little notebook to try and find those two orange one let’s go I just got my um oops.

Now as you saw I can speak because yours require of you please I brie and know people I’ve come to a different bit for library the English section where there’s no there’s not as many people so I don’t feel as bad talking to a camera by one I want to show you a little bit of oil library to speak English because the English of like English English books I questioned found two of them the other two now I want commentary here someone else is going around I’m going to go to the audience or I’ll just show you ability English section Oriole if you remember what I was saying about call numbers angel collector and this is all come up on further you could just try to figure out how your work.

Oh library it’s just a little I want to show you that there are two floors and loads of different corridors to go down so now when I go back to my room with my books I can read okay so now that I’ve got my books what is the next step well the next step for me is I guess thinking about how I’m going to get the other two books which we don’t have so one way I can find the other two books that I don’t have it is talking to the other people doing this essay this week and see if they have it and see if they can lend it to me for a bit or which is probably more likely at this point go to the board lien and make some notes on it in the board links the body and its reference only my actual step that I’m doing.

Now if I’ve got three books which I can use which are from my reading list what I do is I read through them and I make notes on them and the notes can either be ideas of my own sparks from these notes but what’s more likely if I write my notes out of like you know I summarize the ideas that they’re using in each paragraph and maybe put a quote that I could use win in there I put page numbers on so like I summarize page ┬ácetera et cetera so that when I’m writing my essay if I need some like criticism to back up a point or a quote.