Essay Writing And Storytelling

A common thing I think that it’s our tendency to be conservative when we’re applying because we think that in education is a very formal institution but the reality is they’re looking for creativity they’re looking for imagination they’re looking for that something about someone that they don’t even necessarily know exists and that’s what makes this process so difficult students are 17 or 18 years old they haven’t most students haven’t had deep philosophical you know conversations about the meaning of life but that doesn’t mean those thoughts don’t go on and this is the Avenue that really students want to explore for the personal statement so let’s look at some questions you can ask yourself in order to just get started and the questions are endless I could have put up a hundred questions. Find out more about story in essay writing at Edusson.

I try to solidify it into three sort of general questions that can at least help you start thinking so one question which is slide number six or on question number six what three moments of your life are most meaningful to you and why now let me say that when you have when you ask any of these questions whether it’s a meaningful moment a challenge a failure which is always one of the questions what you choose to say as the meaningful moment or the challenge is really only a small part of the essay it’s the why that is the most important part because the why reveals who you are so related it is the question of what do you feel most passionate passionate about what you value more than anything else the idea is you think about your personal philosophy of life a creative passion a hobby and achievement a challenge something or someone that is inspiring it’s something where you don’t you sit down at the computer and write what I suggest is brainstorming or free writing which is a process before you even think about structuring the essay you just write down whatever you’re thinking without any judgment.

This is the best way to begin an attempt to figure out what it is that you may want to say because again students this is the hardest essay you’ve ever written so when we talk about process where I can I might jump to that a little bit but this is not and I need to emphasize this is not a formal essay this is not an essay about Shakespeare it’s mine say about history or science this is an essay about you and you’re telling a story so that means you can be funny you can be serious you can even be a little sarcastic if you do it in the right way the goal is that the tone should reveal who you are and you can tell stories about yourself that’s what this is you’re telling the admissions committee a story about yourself the other essays are more formal and you will have a chance to focus on more specific parts of your application.