Murder on the First Day of Christmas (Chloe Carstairs Mysteries)

A Person of Interest: Billie Thomas, author of The Chloe Carstairs Mysteries

Chloe: Welcome, Billie, if that’s your real name.

Billie: It’s not. As you well know.

Chloe: Why the subterfuge? You’re not in the Witness Protection Program, are you?

Billie: Not currently. I originally wrote this book with my mom, whose name is Billie and my Dad, whose name is Thomas. My mom passed away unexpectedly this year so I thought it was a nice way to honor her.

Chloe: Sorry to hear that. It is a nice way to honor her.

Billie: She’s the one who got me hooked on mysteries. Agatha Christie, Sue Grafton, Anne George, Mary Higgins Clark and Patricia Cornwall were a few of our favorite authors. We traded books back and forth endlessly, so it was fun to collaborate on one of our own.

Chloe: Guess that explains why my own mother, Amanda, figures so prominently in these stories.

Billie: There is a similar dynamic to the relationship you have with your mom that I had with mine. The similarities drive you even crazier than the differences, but there’s respect and affection under all that –

Chloe: Bickering?

Billie: Bantering, I was going to say. But the sooner you realize your mom is always right, the happier you’ll be. Whoa, who wrote that…?

Chloe: Ghosts in the machine. Here’s something I know readers are dying to know. Jacob, the on-again-off again boyfriend or Max, the maddening police detective? Who am I gonna end up with and don’t say Max?

Billie: What’s wrong with Max? I thought you two were hitting it off.

Chloe: I won’t deny there’s chemistry there, but Jacob still makes my heart all fluttery.

Billie: Well, don’t ask me. I’ve never been an authority on romance.

Chloe: Ooh, sounds like there’s a story there.

Billie: Not nearly as good as the one my mom and my dad had. That was a love story in every sense of the word.

Chloe: Like my parents Amanda and Alex have?

Billie: Better.

Chloe: Wow. Before we both get all misty here, tell me about my next case.

Billie: It’s called Murder in a Two Seater. You know how your father Alex loves his old car shows. This one turns deadly and you and your mom are forced to investigate again.

Chloe: I’m sure Max will appreciate our help. Word on the street is that Bunny Beaumont makes a re-appearance. Say it ain’t so.

Billie: Along with her daughter, Honey Beaumont. You’re going to have fun with that one.

Chloe: Ugh. Can’t wait. Thanks for the chat. Now back to work. I can’t wait to see how our next adventure turns out.